15 Best VR Apps like KIK

Virtual reality is one of the leading technologies. Different applications are becoming the main streams in our daily life.

The user makes the best effort to use either Android or iOS for their daily activities. Various apps are designed for various platforms, from Facebook to camera edit or about kids’ games.

The best and easy to use devices are popular among the youth, so competition in every corner of different apps and games is tough.

Facebook-owned Oculus, which kickstarted the customer VR boom in 2012 before being acquired in 2014. Furthermore, Facebook expanded the VR market being dependent on Apple and Google hardware with its mobile apps.

There are a few VR platforms, incorporating three mobile platforms with Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, and Gear VR.

All you need is an Android phone and a VR headset. VR apps offer an immersive experience and provide the best tactile that can transport the individual virtually.

Best Virtual Reality Apps

1. VirtualSpeech 

Luckily, Among the top 15 apps for VR, Virtual Speech is the VR app that can assist you with sharpening your public speaking skills in the best way – the app places you on a virtual stage with a crowd, where you can practice your speech or presentation to the best before an audience that mirrors the quirks and sounds of real people.

This VR app movements and sounds are customizable so that you can increase the interruptions and virtual judgment. Also, toward the finish of your virtual speeches, the app will analyze and score your best verbal and nonverbal communication.

2. Jaunt VR

Compared to the other apps, Jaunt VR is another best app that wants to make immersive storytelling the future of entertainment. The app offers several 360-degree videos and films, shows, narratives, and visits, all in virtual reality, to get knowledge.

At the point when you put your headset on, you’ll transport to a virtual room where you can browse an enormous assortment of immersive experiences through video links, divided by 20 distinct channels.

At the touch of a button, you can visit the remarkable Redwood National Park, feel the San Francisco Giants pre-game routine video, take the field with them during the first day of the season, or kick back and appreciate Emmy winning awards.


For quite a long time, columnists have been proxies for the overall population by composing articles and making videos about events that most of the world would never feel alone. Yet, in 2015, the New York Times chose to play their function as substitutes to the following level – they dispatched the NYT app for VR to make journalism immersive.

From that point forward, they’ve made more than three hundred VR news reports that let some know of the distribution’s most sensational stories – virtual reality has a talent for evoking sympathy and enthusiasm for audiences.

4. InCell VR

The majority of students most likely vowed never to contact a book about the human cell in the wake of enduring high school biology class. Even better, OK, do it if you could race a virus in it? InCell VR lets you do exactly that.

At the point when you play the game, you’ll speed through a human cell with the best robot assistant who causes you to shield it from nasty viruses.

Best Virtual Reality Games

5. DinoTrek

If you’ve ever thought about what it resembles to stroll with dinosaurs at that point, DinoTrek (all rights reserved) lets the players get straight-up near the prehistoric action, in which dinosaurs roam, battle it out among another, and, once in a while, kick back and unwind in the sun. The best games angle among many in Android + iOS.

6. Orbulus

It’s not merely video that can be transformed with VR – Orbulus shows how images can take on a different dimension, as well.

The application’s virtual environment permits you to keep an eye on an assortment of 360° photospheres, in which you can remain on Mars, climb Glastonbury Tor, experience New Year fireworks on Hong Kong harbor, and a ton substantially more besides. The color in the VR video is excellent, and the VR content is to the point.

7. Hidden Temple VR Adventure

Try not to get excessively energized by the title of this game. Although Hidden Temple Adventure incorporates the expression “Hidden Temple,” it’s not identified with Nickelodeon’s classic Legends of the Hidden Temple and offers the best point-and-click exposure.

Its immersive gameplay and flawlessly delivered visuals make Hidden Temple VR Adventure outstanding amongst other VR games for Android and iOS.

8. VR Noir

Although virtual reality is outwardly refreshing, gaming is best when it’s story-driven. Enter VR Noir, an immersive VR game where you play as a private detective.

VR Noir conveys a cinematic effect and nearly rises above unadulterated gaming. The voice acting is exceptionally the best, and the account is fascinating. In light of this drawing in design, VR Noir is the top VR games for Android and iOS.

Best VR Apps for iOS (iPhone)

9. VR Space Stalker

VR Space Stalker by FIBRUM is one of the best ios apps that pack in cool area battles, excellent illustrations, and a progressing storyline that takes us starting with one knowledge then onto the next. Our target is to explode enemy ships before they contact us and before your shields give out.

You’ll likewise need to steer through asteroid fields, look at ancient artifacts, and comprehend puzzles to continue. The gameplay itself is easy and functions perfectly on the iPhone screen, which is designed by Apple.

10. InMind VR

Do you know all those science-fiction stories where somebody is shrunk to microscopic size and put in the body of a full-sized individual? Indeed, presently you can feel that equivalent dream yourself, although in a virtual world.

With the free InMind VR app by Nival, you play the terms of a human who must assistance a patient experiencing a burdensome problem. The best catch? You treat your patient from within. The gameplay is essential, yet the graphics light up the knowledge downloaded from the app store on iPhone and Apple devices.

11. Star Chart VR

Experience a whole planetarium on your iPhone through Star Chart VR. For approximately $2.99, this app takes you on a visit through the solar system, where you travel among the planets, stars, and heavenly bodies.

As you take off through the area, direct your concentration toward a particular planet, moon, or different articles. Press the activity button on your headset to see subtleties in the article. Star Chart VR is a relaxed ride and an excellent method to investigate and find out about the solar system.

12. WithIn

You need to investigate a better variety of places, people, and scenes through VR’s viewpoint. Inside is an immersive entryway for doing precisely that. This app presents an assortment of stories, from best adventures to fictional scenarios to real documentaries. What’s more, the VR approach puts you directly in the central part of the game’s activity.

You can feel what it’s like to pick at Lego Batman in the Batmobile as you drive around Gotham City or to play out a Mozart concert, Russian Roulette. Furthermore, you can blast off into the area in 1965 through a Russian rocket and take a spacewalk to watch this excellent globe we call Earth. The stories have fluctuated enough, so you’ll generally locate some new experience to appreciate.

Best VR Apps for Android

13. Google Cardboard 

Cardboard is one of the few authority VR apps for Android that Google has to bring to the table. It’s designed so you can get your Cardboard VR headset set up accurately and give you a visit through essential VR android features.

Most importantly, You can download the Cardboard app from Google Play Store on your android phones, load VR videos, and see 3D demonstrations. Google Cardboard is a multi-dimensional app that offers different VR services, which can be considered one of the top VR android apps for android users in recent times.

14. Fulldive VR

In case you’re searching for a VR-centered platform that can offer you everything from web browsing to photograph storage, Fulldive VR is the other best android app you need for android phone users that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Furthermore, it furnishes you with its own VR store containing several VR-fit apps to introduce and work through the Fulldive VR entrance.

You’re additionally ready to take 360-degree photographs and videos because of the app’s VR camera. You can likewise look at many YouTube videos accessible through the app as a feature of a 360 3D. The app works with any Android-competent headset, including Oculus, Daydream, Cardboard, and Oculus Rift, a system with touch controllers and two sensors to feel the best artificial reality.

15. Minos Starfighter VR

Minos Starfighter VR can be considered as another android app for all android users all around the world. No VR technology would be finished without a reasonably advanced space shoot them up to play.

This experience became so famous that it even came on PlayStation VR and also can be played in AR (augmented reality). Minos is also among the 10 best galaxy games of 2020.

That is the place Minos Starfighter VR comes in. It’s a visual exhibition that transforms you into a space fighter pilot, engaging alien enemies across various space environments. The nature of the illustrations and sound alone makes it outstanding amongst other immersive VR Cardboard applications on the Play Store in android phones.

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