WhatsApp Stopped Working: Possible Reasons & Solution

Whatsapp is a fast text messaging and calling app. The simple UI and design makes the functioning smooth and the app barely faces any issues. However, at times, users face errors such as “whatsapp stopped working”. Let us now discuss about the reasons why this error occurs and the solutions for solving the error.

Whatsapp stopped working – Why & How to make it Work ?

  1. Internet Connection

This is the most common reason why whatsapp might not be working for you. Often, internet stops working or the speed isn’t upto what the app requires. Whenever you face Whatsapp crash or any such problem, always check your internet connection. Make sure your device is connected to a working internet connection. If the problem persists, turn off the WiFi or cellular data and switch it on again.

  • Memory Cache Issues

At times, the problem might be with the cache or memory of your app. In order to overcome the error, you can go to settings>apps>whatsapp>clear data. This will clear all the data associated with the app and will solve the memory cache issue. You might need to enter your mobile number again and enter the required details. This is the most common solution to any type of whatsapp error or issue.

  • Corrupt apk

You’re highly recommended to install whatsapp through playstore only. However, due to various reasons, if you’ve installed whatsapp through an apk, your app might face error. This can be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the app with a new apk file. After uninstalling the app, you can install the app again from Google playstore or a third party app store. However, if you still want to download whatsapp through an apk, make sure the apk file you download is from a legit and reliable source.

whatsapp working

Apart from “whatsapp stopped working” error, there are several similar issues you might face. Let us discuss about them as well.

  1. WhatsApp cannot recognize the contacts

When you install whatsapp, the app automatically syncs with your contacts list and adds it to your whatsapp contacts.  However, at times, you might find “no whatsapp contacts” in the list despite having multiple whatsapp contacts saved in your phonebook.

This problem can occur when you might not have given the contacts permission to the app. If you haven’t, make sure you provide permissions to whatsapp to access your phone’s contacts. Once given, refresh the contacts and all your contacts should appear.

  • WhatsApp Not Downloading on Android

This is a very common problem faced by a lot of people very often. When you install whatsapp from Google playstore, you might face “whatsapp messenger can’t be downloaded. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (error code:907”.

In order to overcome this problem, one solution can be to download whatsapp through a third party app or an apk. But, this solution isn’t safe at all as your data might get stolen or your device might get prone to threats and viruses. However, before downloading an apk, make sure you check your SD card. This problem mostly occurs when the SD card is either not inserted properly or doesn’t have the required storage in it. If you can, just format your SD card and insert it again. This should probably solve the error.  At some point kik pc comes into benefit when whatsapp is not working.

  • This version of Whatsapp Became Obsolete

Whatsapp keeps rolling regular updates to enhance the application and add new features to it. It is recommended to update your app when the update is available, however, even if you don’t, you can use the app for a certain time period. Once the version of your whatsapp becomes too old, you might facean error saying “This version of whatsapp has become obsolete”.

There’s only one solution to this error and that is to update the app. Just go to Google playstore, search “whatsapp” and click on “update”. Once the app has been updated, open it up and your error should probably be fixed.

  • WhatsApp Not Responding on Android

This is a common problem that is mostly faced by people having low end smartphones. This can occur due to multiple reasons like low memory, incompatible device, corrupt cache etc. In order to overcome this problem, you should restart your device.

If the problem still persists, go to settings>apps>whatsapp>force stop. If both the methods fail to solve the problem, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the application in your device. So keep trying, one of the three methods will surely work.


We’ve mentioned some of the most common reason and their solutions for “whatsapp stopped working” error. Additionally, we’ve added some similar errors and their solutions as well. Comment below whether your error has been solved or the problem still persists. 

Apps Like Kik – 5 Best Kik Messanger Alternatives

There are much more such apps out there for messaging including WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Instagram and more. For Video calling, we have Skype, which is among the oldest apps for video calling but aside from that, Skype messenger is likewise very popular especially for group chats. Live-streaming apps are also popular with teens. Modern messaging apps offer a whole lot more than simply chatting and calling. Now, what is so special about Kik. Kik Messenger is one of the unique messaging app available for Android and iOS smartphones. When you think about the absolute most popular messaging apps in the Earth, KiK Messenger comes into the mind instantly. Here are top 5 best Apps Lik Kik in 2018.

If you’re searching for an app like Kik messenger that gives you a wide range of features and ways to get in touch with your nearest and dearest then all these apps will arrive in really handy. The very best feature it offers is the use of funny and distinctive stickers that you’re provided to use in your conversations.

Apps Like Kik –  Kik Messanger Alternatives

On account of the growth of spam and fake accounts, individuals become distracted. So Kik allows users to block contacts. You can begin a video call or hang out with a lot of friends all together to have real fun. You merely shake your phone and you’re connected with a whole stranger, after that, you can talk and see whether you’re both compatible to be friends or you could search for the next stranger. To discover new friends, you only need to shake your phone and you’ll be connected to a comprehensive stranger in a sec.

You need their username to chat. Whether it has to do with chat, calls, sharing media files, you can get in contact with your friends free of charge. Chatting is Kik’s primary feature, but a Kik chat can be a good deal more than text on the monitor. You can also access Kik from PC using Kik for PC app.

5 Best Kik Messanger Alternatives

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging App used by millions of users across the world. It is no 1 Apps Lik Kik in Google Play Store available for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows Phones. It is very easy to use WhatsApp. All you have to do is, install WhatsApp from Google Play Store or download from WhatsApp website and install it. Then Enter your mobile number to register and it’s done.

WhatsApp is free to download. Now there is the only drawback is, you can not use Stickers with WhatsApp.

Developer: WhatsApp

Availability: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian

2. Viber

Viber is another Alternative to Kik, available for All the major platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. Viber is a favorite video calling app for Android and iOS earlier. Now WhatsApp also launched Video calling feature.

Similar to WhatsApp, Viber also uses your phone number to create an account. Viber lets you chat, call, share photos, videos, docs and many more. You can make free video and audio calls using Viber.

Developer: Viber Media

Availability: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry


LINE is a popular social text messaging App in Asia. It is a perfect alternative to Kik because it has almost the same.
LINE offers some unique and funny stickers just like Kik. You can share your photos, chat with friends, and voice or video call via LINE for free. Also, LINE allows users to play Games with your friends.

You can also make calls to anyone in the world via LINE Premium but you will have to pay a fee every time you want to make the call. You can also play games with your friends connected to LINE accounts.

Developer: LINE Corporation

Availability: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

4. KaKaoTalk

KaKaoTalk is the best App like Kik with 150 million active users from around the world. It is the most lightweight messaging App for Android and iOS users. You can chat with multiple friends via the group. Also, you can make a free video call. KaKaoTalk is also available for Windows.

Developer: Daum Kakao

Availability: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

5. BBM

We all are familiar with BBM, as it is one of the most trusted and best Messaging Apps Lik Kik. Earlier, BBM was only available for BlackBerry users but now you can easily download BBM for Android and iOS devices. You have to create your account with a unique BBM PIN. Just like mobile numbers, BBM requires BBM PIN, which is unique for all users. You can share multiple images, video, emojis, docs and more with BBM messenger.

Developer: BlackBerry

Availability: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

Thanks for reading this article. Share which is the best Apps Lik Kik according to you. We hope you liked this article.