KIk Not Working – Here Fix the KIK Login Errors

KiK Messenger is one of the unique and top rated Messaging App for Android and iOS users. Just Like WhatsApp and Other Chat Apps, you can send text messages, Images, Share Videos, and documents with your friends. Kik is available for free. There are some unique features that you can only found in Kik like Stickers and username chat. But Sometimes it stopped working and you cannot send messages to your friends and also cannot share images or videos. Now sometimes the issue is from Servers and also from the user side. We cannot fix server side issue but if the issue is from your side then you can fix it. Here are some working solutions for Kik Not Working Issue.

With more than 300 million users, kik is the most reputed and Secure Chat App for Android and iOS users. Some users are facing issue with Kik Captcha code. Now in case you don’t know, note that Kik is using a small Captcha Code. It is like a game. You have to rotate an image and follow the instructions. You have to do it so quickly otherwise Kik bots blocks you.

KIk Not Working – Here Fix the KIK Login Errors

Sometimes these Kik Captcha doesn’t work. For some reason, you cannot see an image, or the image doesn’t move. So there are a couple of things you can do to fix this issue and use Kik. You can refresh the Captcha, reload the app. Also, try to clear the data and re-login again in your account.

Kik Not Working

You can also reinstall the Kik app from Google App Store or update it to the latest version. Also, try to Refresh the Captcha. Reload the Kik app. Also, check if your Internet is working fine. Sometimes due to slow internet, Captcha failed to load. So before going to reinstall the App, first try checking your Internet connection. One user posted that, he found that if you using Kik on Windows PC then it requires a proper internet connection in Bluestacks. You can follow our Kik for PC guide to download and install Kik for Windows PC.

Try above-mentioned solutions to Fix Kik not Working Issue. If still, you are facing some serious issue like unable to send Messages, not loading Pics, video not working then chances are some issues are from Server side. So wait for the official fix. So hope the issue will fix soon.

Comment below if your issue is fixed manually and also mention, which solution worked for you.