5 Best VR Headsets For iPhone by KIK

For years, people believed that investing thousands of dollars in powerful computers and premium hardware can give them a high-end digital experience. The majority of people are recently transferring to virtual reality equipment with computing power insider their pockets.

Virtual reality became more accessible through smartphones, and when paired with VR headsets, it allows you to experience the VR power without any additional requirements.

The virtual content you perceive is entirely dependent on the VR headset you owned. Hence, it’s important to select and buy one of the best out there in the market.

There are some of the best VR headsets mentioned, which are perfect for your Apple iPhones. The following choices and options help users get the necessary information regarding purchasing different VR products.

5 Best VR Headsets for iPhone

1. Merge VR

This is one of the very few VR headsets that can give you satisfactory results. Dive into games and immerse yourself with its power of virtual reality.

Its unique design and weight distribution overhead when wear is just perfect. Its goggles can transport you into far-flung digital environments with hours of entertainment.

The most important and valuable features of this VR headset are that it’s user-friendly, lightweight, flexible in use, and has drop-proof soft foam material. We suggest using iPhone X with this headset to utilize its power to its limit.

Uniquely adjust the lens-eye distance by sliding a pair of spring-based buttons mounted on this headset’s top. However, these buttons replace hand controls to interact with the experience by interacting with these buttons easily.

Apple is so successful in VR, similar to as it is in turning your home into Smart Home. This device is more than a VR headset when connected with an iPhone.

The 3D VR content you get and different responses, reset facilities, settings, ads-free environments, and many more by just using an iPhone with Merge VR is more than anyone can ask for.

Furthermore, this feature allows you to hold this VR headset like binoculars and enjoy dual-controller experiences that so many phone apps require. With thousands of positive responses from iPhone X users, this headset confirms its victory for the first place.

It further facilitates use through its Merge Miniverse app, which offers a wide range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) VR games and experiences.

Overall, Merge VR is a must buy if you owned an iPhone.

2. Pansonite VR

Pansonite VR with a remote controller is a high-rated VR headset designed with an eye for comfort and adjustability. Furthermore, adding a new nose bridge reduces the overall headset pressure on your face.

This headset also holds ventilation holes that further enhance the cooling of its HD resin aspheric lens. In case it starts to heat up (a rare chance), you can detach the front and place it separately, as well as let the iPhone breathe a little.

Furthermore, it also facilitates you to adjust both the pupil distance and the focal distance to find your own perfect spot to feel comfortable on. Unfortunately, this model does not support wearing glasses while experiencing the content.

Many VR headsets offer simplex connectivity and are accessible by iPhones through wifi links. Connectivity is a major part of virtual reality headsets and the privacy policy of some VR devices.

This headset is 30% more comfortable than any other Apple iPhone compatible VR headset. Its high-quality lenses are designed to adjust to your individual pupil and focal distances.

For a complete and highly immersive virtual reality experience, Pansonite VR features built-in headphones that offer Pansonite’s 3D Audio Technology so that you can hear everything in full 360-degree.

3. VR Goggles by VR Wear

These virtual reality goggles by VR Wear take your already best iPhone to the next level. It’s an easy-to-use and comfortable cushioned headset, which is the core requirement of a VR headset. Furthermore, its fully adjustable double lenses are made to reduce initial dizziness and eyestrain.

It has one of the best strategic ventilation systems that reduce the lenses getting cloudly and foggy. Furthermore, it also reduces the risk of your iPhone overheating. This headset is one of the few that you can constantly use for hours without giving it any rest.

This VR headset is compatible with the Google Cardboard app; the VR goggles can transport you to a highly immersive virtual reality environment with 3D media and games.

Unlike other headsets, it offers simple settings and an ad-free environment. No one can object to how it delivers the immersive virtual content, and with headphones, it can be enhanced further.

This headset carries on Google Cardboard design of a magnetic button to perform functionality and does not contain any separate controller. However, that means your overall virtual content relies on Cardboard-compatible apps.

These apps include 360-degree videos on YouTube, which is available on the Apple iPhone. However, your iPhone needs a magnetometer to support this feature along with a gyroscope and accelerometer for full iPhone VR support.

4. Destek V5 VR

The Destek V5 virtual reality headset comes with a wireless controller. This controller is designed to give you a better way to interact with the digital world when experiencing virtual reality games and videos.

The Destek V5 is made with soft leather padding to enhance its comfortability so that it can feel relaxing on your face and provides relief from stress on your nose and head. Its lenses also protect your eyes from blue-light glare alongside providing you an immersive VR environment and can deliver crystal HD video content.

This fifth version of Destek’s virtual reality headset for the Apple iPhone includes a Joy-Con-like single-handed controller. V5 offers FOV increased by 103-degree from its previous model to a wider 110-degree. It supports the latest and best iPhone models with a wider pupillary distance.

It is also one of the very few best VR for gaming on the iPhone, and its system-VR with the headset is technologically enhanced from its previous version. This headset performs better with the iPhone than it does with Android.

You can gather further information about VR apps and games these VR glasses support and detailed FOV descriptions and Destek privacy policy before considering buying it. It’s so because it’s important to learn the story and technologies behind this headset before utilizing it to experience VR apps and games through your iPhone.

Furthermore, Destek V5 VR enables one to adjust his/her personal vision, which means you don’t have to wear your eyeglasses when you use it. Hence, it feels less cumbersome when you’re experiencing a flight sensation in piloting F16 or preparing Shinobi Prosthetic for the next battle.

5. Bnext VR

Bnext’s comfortable foam face brace makes it one of the easiest VR headsets for kids and adults to wear and adjust according to one’s desire. This headset VR supports 4K – 3D screen resolutions, and HD is also accessible.

However, as an iPhone VR owner, we suggest using the latest Apple iPhone model with this VR headset because you always want to utilize the full power this headset has to offer.

Bnext VR headset also lets you fastly adjust focal distance and object distances to maintain the most appropriate setting according to you so that you can fully enjoy 3D content without getting nauseous or confused.

This one is known for its high-quality VR content output from all VR headsets for iPhone, including 360 and 180 degrees turns for exploration and gaming.

Bnext is not very latest and only supports the iPhone’s up to 6.3 inches screen size, which is smaller than the latest and some of the best iPhone VR supported models. Make sure your iPhone is compatible with the headsets with similar requirements.

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